Tips for Hiring Movers

Tips for Hiring Movers

tips for hiring moversMoving can be tedious. It can also be fun: when someone else does all the work. Be sure to do a bit of research before you hire movers to protect your stuff.

Moving Policies

If you’re considering hiring movers, it is important to stay informed on their moving policies and practices. Are they liable if your fragile glassware arrives in pieces? It’s also important to know about the business itself. ApartmentHomeLiving.Com provides helpful questions that ensure you or your stuff won’t be left in the dark.

Sign a contract, and make sure all your stuff is protected in it.  Don’t pay a huge deposit, as this is usually indicative of fraud. If you pay off the moving contract before the move is finished, what guarantees the movers will take all your stuff to the new house? According to, paying a large deposit could mean you won’t see your stuff again. Also, take a look at’s explanation of common insurance packages offered by moving companies.This is an added layer of security for your valuables.

Extra Fees and Move Time

Staying informed can be a chore. An estimate from a professional moving business requires, at times, complicated variables. What must be considered, and what you should ask about, is how long it will take to move your possessions and how will your stuff be handled. Ask about previous experience, and what sort of challenges come with each move. If they have to walk up stairs to move your things, will it cost extra? What about moving things from a side street as opposed from a drive way?

Before you pack up your stuff, you may want to visualize how you will arrange your things before you arrive. Put yourself in the best position by labeling which boxes belong in which rooms. Don’t set unrealistic expectations for your movers. If the new home is a thousand miles away, don’t expect a rush, next-day delivery. And if you do get that rush delivery, you may have moved too fast.

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  1. Luke Smith
    Luke Smith says:

    Thanks for the tip about staying informed on the moving policies and practices of any moving company that you are considering using. I imagine that knowing how a company typically handles a move would make it easier for you to figure out whether or not they are right for you. I am sure that online reviews and reports from businesses like the BBB would be useful as well.

  2. Yilliang Peng
    Yilliang Peng says:

    Thanks for the advice on what to consider when hiring movers! I really appreciate it when they take extra precaution and tape up your walls so there cannot be any damage done. Understanding each other and being able to communicate with the workers is also important. Thanks again!

  3. Jenna Hunter
    Jenna Hunter says:

    We are in desperate need to move since my mother is about to die. We want to spend her last months close so we are looking for an apartment near her. it was nice to read in the text that before you pack up your stuff, you may want to visualize how you will arrange your things before you arrive. We will keep this in mind when we start packing tonight!

  4. John
    John says:

    My wife and I are moving at the end of the year, but dread the thought of having to do the move ourselves. We’ve been considering looking for local moving help from a reliable moving company, but we’re a little nervous. I think the article’s suggestion to get informed about a moving company’s policies and practices prior to hiring them might help us feel more comfortable hiring movers.

  5. Tristan
    Tristan says:

    Very joyful post. Moving house is one of the most stressful activities in a human’s life. These movers can take care of all details, major moving companies have excellent insurance coverage, so you don’t have to worry about losing your furniture or other stuff because of a road accident.interesting and useful information. This was an excellent article. It has some valuable content on this topic. Thanks for such post and keep it up.

  6. Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson says:

    I agree that moving can be very tedious and is always stressful. I have always dreaded the process of packing up and moving boxes from the old house to the new house because of how long and tiring it is. I like the idea of having a moving company come over to do all of the loading of the trucks and the house for me. I think that it would definitely be worth it to find a moving company to save time and energy.

  7. Storage Zone
    Storage Zone says:

    Excellent pointers. These are really the questions that must be clarified in order to get a full understanding of the policies that shall dictate the liabilities of parties under unexpected circumstance. Thank you, we will share this article.


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